Professional Tour Guides

Comply with the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) requirements, so you can rest assured that all our services and undertakings meet the board’s rules and regulations.

Efficient Service

To guarantee efficient service for all our clients, we employ experienced driver-guides who are well-versed in wildlife matters.

Diverse Packages

We tailor our packages to suit your
budget and timeline, drawing from
our first-hand ground knowledge
and experience.

Wide Range of Safaris

We offer a wide range of safaris to all the leading national game parks and reserves in Uganda, with an orientation of the country’s history as well as its roots.


Our vision is to create customized safaris and tours or expeditions that visit Africa’s primates, including endangered Mountain Gorillas, along with sightseeing, Adventure trails, mountain trekking and safari journeys. We can support you in organizing your safari or holiday vacation to the undiscovered destination of the African continent, Europe, the Caribbean and much more; we want to make your trips in Uganda unforgettable.
Our team of planners and ground crew are highly skilled in communication and knowledgeable about the destinations we explore. We not only provide captivating packages but also prioritize customer satisfaction, making sure your safari experience is thrilling while protecting nature and conserving wildlife.

We Are Always Looking for Better Ways To Provide Service.

At NS Hamiim Tours & Travel, we take pride in strengthening the loyalty of our clients and strive to understand and appreciate their needs. We have implemented four key behaviors to make a positive impact internally and externally-Passion, Listening, Mutual Support, and Flexibility.
Our drivers are friendly and will work hard to ensure your expectations are met. The safaris we provide are specially crafted to meet your needs, budget, and time. Our knowledgeable guides will answer your questions during the tour while providing insights into the Pearl of Africa. We also help plan international flights plus take care of all the details to make sure you get the best value for your money.
We invest our resources in research and development of improved products/services, as well as blending global and indigenous practices for exceptional results. To top it off, we have state of the art vehicles for transport, top-tier hotels for accommodation, etc., that will make your vacation an unforgettable one! Enjoy the adventure.

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